The Suitcase Market  is returning for the 42nd year of the Spring Fling festival in all its wonder and glory.

Attendees at the festival will be able to experience the excitement of a real suitcase rummage, Brick Lane style!

This exciting initiative is a normal market down-sized, but definitely not down-graded; transforming stalls into suitcases brimming with goods it promises more variety of treats than any other market. There will be stunning artwork, clothing, music, books, hand-made items, shoes and anything else you can possibly think of! Come down for one-of-a-kind creations at stellar deals. This market is an amazing opportunity for those looking to test a new product in low-stake and low-fees situation whilst still bringing about great rewards. We aim to promote sustainable practices as well as nurture creative ideas in a fun way that engages with all members of the community. We hope to see you there!

It's super simple to register if you would like to try your hand at selling wares, just go to their website at:

Located in Little Errol Street.

11am - 4pm